Perfect Global Logistics Concept

1. Agent System
Shipping helps you manage global agent system, so that you can quickly search and use the agent information.

2. Appointed Goods Management
The statistics fuction of appointed goods is helpful to analyze foreign agent volume fluctuations and ranking.

3. Appointed Goods Customers
Preserving the data of the appointed goods customers will help sales dept. develop their other source further.

4. Overseas Bills System
The excellent overseas bills of Shipping will realize any complicated dividing bills system easily.

5. About Balance of Account, and Write-Off Account
Managing overseas balance of account and write-off account completely in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of financial.

Reduce the Cost of International Communication

Forwarding companies communicate with foreign agnets, the monthly cost of international fax is up to ten thousand yuan. HYShipping designs the electronic formats of the bill of lading, invoices, Manifest Report etc. that can pass abroad agents directly through Email. Due to the general format, whatever computer systems foreign agents use can all identify.

Reduce Duplcation of Labor

1. One order input can output various forms.
2.The inputs of accounts receivable and accounts payable directly make bills, and improve financial efficiency.